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E-Marketing Professional Certificate

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E-marketing Professional Certification Process
Attaining Britefire’s EMP certificate as an E-Marketing Professional is not trivial or simple. Your eligibility for the certificate is determined against a thorough, detailed schedule of required knowledge and skills and is evaluated through a combination of course participation, testing, and real-world practical application.

Certification Process: To become EMP-certified by Britefire as an E-Marketing Professional, you must:

  • participate in a number of training courses selected from the core E-Marketing Professional curriculum
  • pass an exam that tests your knowledge and ability in key areas of e-marketing
  • demonstrate a practical ability to apply your professional knowledge in relevant real-world e-marketing initiatives
Courses: Depending on the certificate level sought, you will participate in a number of one-day core curriculum courses, or in a combination of one-day core courses plus a three-day specialist course, selected from the following:

Core curriculum courses: EMP Gold course (three days): Exam: You will be thoroughly tested on the core curriculum you elected, as well as on any specialist knowledge and skills you may have chosen to combine with the core areas. The exam will be online, and will be conducted on the honour system. To complete the exam, you are permitted to make use of any resources available to you, particularly the web – though this is not a requirement. A passing grade is 70 percent. The exam is multiple-choice, and tests both knowledge and ability .

Practical ability: Your ability to apply what you have learned will be assessed through your completion of a practical e-marketing assignment. This is a structured exercise designed to demonstrate the depth of your understanding, and your ability to apply the tools and principles, without compromising your confidentiality.

A nominal admin fee for the exam and practical assessment is packaged into the certification cost. If you do not pass on the first attempt, you may retake the exam or assessment without incurring a second fee.



E-Marketing Professional Certificate

"Package" Fee -  R 9,950  including VAT covers
  • Your chosen five core curriculum courses 
  • Lunch, refreshments, course materials, certificates
  • Examination and assessment fee
  • Access to the E-Marketing Elite network

E-Marketing Professional Gold Certificate

"Package" Fee -  R 12,950 including VAT covers
  • Your chosen five core curriculum courses, plus one two-day specialist Project Management course. 
  • Lunch, refreshments, course materials, certificates
  • Examination fee and assessment fee.
  • Access to the E-Marketing Elite network

The above fees apply only if you register for the relevant certification package in its entirety. 


You may also gain a certificate by taking individual courses on an ad hoc basis, contact us for the latest Fee Information and payment options.

Duration | Venues | Dates
Duration: Each core curriculum course is 1 day. Depending on the available schedule and places, you are often able to take them back to back in one week. Specialist courses are two days in duration. The exam and practical must be completed within a six months of participation in the first course.

Venues: In Cape Town we use Sea Point or Waterfront area hotels and in Johannesburg, Sandton or Midrand hotels. We do make courses available in other cities if demand is sufficient. We can also provide courses to companies as in-house training.

Dates: Courses typically run every quarter in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, and once a year in Pretoria and Durban. See the individual courses for the latest available course dates or see the list of courses.

Who Should Get the Certificate
The E-Marketing Professional Certificate is something that any serious marketer should attain. The EMP is relevant for anyone with a marketing career who feels a need to upgrade their e-marketing knowledge and skills, and also upgrade their own professional value in the eyes of employers or clients. For companies who provide e-marketing services to clients, having certified employees demonstrates a professional level of e-marketing competency that differentiates them from their competitors.

This certification process is a must for anyone who makes tactical or strategic e-marketing decisions, or has to interact with those who do, including:

  • business strategists
  • marketing executives, product and brand managers
  • marketing analysts
  • advertising and marketing services agency executives
  • website developers, information architects, and creative personnel
  • entrepreneurs and business developers
  • media executives with digital responsibilities



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    Certificate choice
    Registration for EMP CertificateA summary of the course requirements for the Britefire E-Marketing Professional Certificate is:
    • E-Marketing Professional Certificate - five core 1-day courses
    • EMP Gold Certificate - five core 1-day courses + one 2-day Project Management course

    You can Register for the certificate in any of the below ways:
    Online: By making your selection above and completing the steps to follow
    Print out this registration form (DOC 60.4kb) and fax it to us at 086-693 3575
    Phone: Call us on 021-790 0303 and we'll take your details.
    E-mail: Send us an e-mail and we'll follow up with you.

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