@ traction: The Email Marketing course


@ traction: The E-mail Marketing course

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Why Email Marketing?

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Course Duration: 1 day (9:00 - 17:00)
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1 December 2014   |   2 March 2015   |   8 June 2015   |   14 September 2015

 Cape Town 
24 November 2014   |   16 February 2015  |   27 July 2015   |   16 November 2015

Winchester Mansions Hotel, Sea Point
211 Beach Road
Sea Point, Cape Town
Tel: 021 434 2351

Course Leader
The course is lead by Godfrey Parkin, author of Doing Business Digitally and the international hit Digital Marketing: Strategies for Success. He is a twenty year veteran of the European and US internet marketing industry, who previously ran the global business services operations of market research giant A.C. Nielsen. He has run several successful pioneering businesses in the digital space; in the 1990s he created North America's best-selling enterprise-wide elearning series E-biz Insights and built the world's largest Project Management e-learning company.

Godfrey has advised many global organisations ranging from giants like American Express, Honda, Nestle, Credit Suisse, Cisco Systems and the Georgia Institute of Technology, to large consulting firms and small start-ups. He helps companies to develop brands and implement strategies for global online markets, often overseeing the entire process from concept through launch to ongoing market development. He is a faculty member of the University of Stellenbosch - Executive Development (USB-ED) , and manages several online social networks, including the E-learning Forum of the American Society for Training and Development. He is a permanent member of the judging panel for the international Brandon Hall Learning Excellence Awards and Technology Excellence Awards, and speaks at conferences around the world. More about Godfrey

Why E-mail Marketing?
The most used application on the internet has always been email. Whether you are trying to reinforce customer loyalty, generate sales, expand your market, grow brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or build community, email marketing can be both inexpensive and very productive.

In 2006, according to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing campaigns generated an average return of more than 50 times the investment in the campaign. That’s a medium worth mastering!

But email is a medium that is fraught with complications, particularly as nine out of ten emails today are spam (unsolicited bulk marketing messages) or malware. That has led to recipients being wary of commercial emails even from known senders, spam-filter technologies that automatically block messages or images, and legal and ethical requirements that cannot be ignored. And in South Africa we have our own set of constraints resulting from bandwidth and access issues.

Despite the constraints, email is a major driver of traffic to websites, and it is essential for anyone with an online marketing responsibility to develop the knowledge and skills of a professional email marketer. This course will do that for you.

Why Should You Attend?
Everyone knows there is a lot more to designing and implementing successful email marketing campaigns than simply sending out emails. It is a science and an art. Get it right, and the return on your investment can be huge. Get it wrong and you can lose customers in droves.

Britefire's @traction course will help you acquire the knowledge and skills of an email marketing professional. You will leave the course with the confidence to move forward and excel in every campaign.

You will learn how to put together an email marketing strategy that exploits all of the components of effective campaigns. And you will discover the best practices in the industry, comprehensively illustrated with actual examples and case studies.

The course examines issues such as building, maintaining, and segmenting mailing lists; designing mailing pieces that get through filters and perform despite common barriers such as being read in preview panes or having images blocked; crafting subject lines that maximise open-rates; ensuring you have all of the must-haves in place, such as view-online, opt-out and forward-to-a-friend links; designing compelling landing pages that convert visitors to customers; and using analytics tools to measure and improve campaign success.

You will learn rules of thumb for important details such as font usage, sentence length, and message width; and you will be introduced to tools and services that can make the creation and management of campaigns both simpler and more professional. And you will learn how email campaigns can best be integrated into an overall marketing strategy.

Email marketing is a powerful cost-effective tool that can grow business, build community, boost customer loyalty, expand your market, generate brand awareness, or drive visitors to your website or microsite. This course teaches you how to use that tool.

Who Should Attend?
This course is a must for anyone who makes tactical or strategic business or marketing decisions about online initiatives, or has to interact with those who do, including:

  • business strategists
  • marketing managers, product & brand managers
  • marketing communications people
  • advertising and marketing services executives
  • website developers, information architects, and creative personnel (including copywriters, designers)
  • e-commerce and e-marketing personnel

What Will You Learn?
You will leave this course not only with a great understanding of how email marketing and its many processes actually work, but also with a practical ability to create your own email strategies and campaigns, and to measure and improve their results.

What is more you will be equipped with an host of industry best practices, inspiring and enlightening examples, and guidelines for staying in tune with developments in the future. You will learn:

  • how to put together an effective email marketing strategy
  • the best practices in the industry
  • how to build, maintain, and segment mailing lists
  • how to design mailing pieces that perform
  • how to manage common barriers to success such as preview panes image-blocking
  • how to craft subject lines that maximise open-rates
  • how to put all of the must-haves in place
  • how to design compelling landing pages that support conversion
  • how to use analytics tools to improve campaign success
  • guidelines for font usage, sentence length, and message width
  • what tools and services can simplify the creation and management of campaigns
  • how email campaigns can best be integrated into an overall marketing strategy

And you'll be totally psyched to take charge of your own email marketing initiatives!

Detailed Course Contents
Introduction to Permission Marketing

  • Opt-ins and opt-outs
  • Ethics and the law

Crafting Strategies and Objectives
  • Setting realistic objectives
  • Newsletters, lead generators, promotions, brand-builders
  • Targeting, segmenting, and personalisation
  • Mapping communication strategies to products and personas
  • Using behavioural / response-based targeting
  • Integrating email with online/offline marketing
  • Assessing effectiveness
  • Improving email campaign results

Creative Strategies
  • The 'excuse to contact' and spam
  • Incentives to respond
  • Viralising a campaign
  • Personalising content
  • Guidelines for writing for email
  • Compelling subject lines and headings and call to action
  • Tools for creating your email
  • Templates that increase response
  • Guidelines for layout, text and images
  • Tools for testing what recipients will see
  • Who is it "From:" ?
  • Dealing with text, HTML, and rich media
  • Managing image-blocking & preview panes
    • Tags
    • Headlines
    • Visible calls to action
    • Link to view online
    • Communicating without images
  • Calls-to-action
  • Must-haves
    • Request to white-list
    • Forward to friend
    • Opt out
  • Award winning examples

  • Eight steps to building a mailing list
  • Capturing opt-in addresses
  • It’s a relationship, stupid
  • Maintaining lists
  • Enhancing lists
  • List member privacy
  • Buying or renting opt-in lists

E-mail Hosting and Management
  • In-house vs outsourcing
  • Email marketing agencies
  • Software for DIY mailings
  • Auto-responders
  • Database applications
  • Managing soft and hard bounces
  • List management
  • ISP permission issues
  • Timing is almost everything
  • Response management

Planning for Conversion
  • Flow controls (how not to do a Mango)
  • Understanding and Managing the User Experience
  • Landing pages

Testing and Analytics
  • Metrics and how to use them
  • Tracking, testing and improving
    • Open rate
    • Click throughs
    • Activity paths
    • Conversion
    • A/B testing
  • Continuous improvement strategies

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