Gambit: The Digital Strategy course

Gambit: The Digital Strategy course


Gambit: The Digital Strategy course

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Why a Digital Strategy?

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When and Where
Course Duration: 1 day (9:00 - 17:00)
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31 August 2016   |   23 November 2016   

Cape Town 
1 June 2016   |   26 October 2016

Winchester Mansions Hotel, Sea Point
211 Beach Road
Sea Point, Cape Town
Tel:   021 434 2351     

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Your Digital Strategy Course Leader
The course is lead by Godfrey Parkin, author of Doing Business Digitally and the international hit Digital Marketing: Strategies for Success. He is a twenty year veteran of the European and US internet marketing industry, who previously ran the global business services operations of market research giant A.C. Nielsen. He has run several successful pioneering businesses in the digital space; in the 1990s he created North America's best-selling enterprise-wide elearning series E-biz Insights and built the world's largest Project Management e-learning company.

Godfrey has advised many global organisations ranging from giants like American Express, Honda, Nestle, Credit Suisse, Cisco Systems and the Georgia Institute of Technology, to large consulting firms and small start-ups. He helps companies to develop brands and implement strategies for global online markets, often overseeing the entire process from concept through launch to ongoing market development. He is a faculty member of the University of Stellenbosch - Executive Development (USB-ED) , and manages several online social networks, including the E-learning Forum of the American Society for Training and Development. He is a permanent member of the judging panel for the international Brandon Hall Learning Excellence Awards and Technology Excellence Awards, and speaks at conferences around the world. More about Godfrey

Why do you need a competitive digital strategy?
Are you using the digital revolution to grow your business, or are you under threat from it? New opportunities emerge daily, but your customers are better informed and have more competitor options than ever. In times of chaotic change, you cannot afford to be risk-averse – and becoming a master of business strategy is everything!

Now you can learn how to make the smart moves that position your business to exploit change and stay ahead of your competitors!

The Gambit workshop looks at the big picture, explains how the digital landscape is evolving, and explores what on-going shifts in customer communication and decision-making processes mean for the evolution of your business, your processes and your marketing.

You’ll learn the eight step Britefire methodology to cut through the chaos of the technology explosion and build clearly focused, viable strategies for success. You’ll learn how to integrate all of the different elements of digital marketing into a balanced, prioritised approach, and you’ll discover how to structure your organisation to exploit the right digital opportunities.

The Gambit workshop gives you the skills and insights to anticipate and evaluate emerging trends, and to adapt strategies to stay competitive in the networked mobile spaces that your customers inhabit. A must if you make or advise on strategic business or marketing decisions!

For any organisation, the internet presents new opportunities to find communication efficiencies, to conquer new markets, to develop brands, to build loyalty, to excel at customer service, and to grow profits and market share. To make it happen, you must:

  • change how you interface with customers
  • develop innovative focused strategies
  • explore new organisational structures
  • liberate your marketing from 20th century habits
  • provide compelling customer experiences

The workshop will get your business strategies up to speed and focused, so you can accomplish all of this and more.

 Why Should You Attend?
The digital explosion is massively disrupting every industry, and any senior executive who does not understand it, does not respect it as the juggernaut agent of change that it is, and does not have a competitive strategy to harness its power, is going to have a very rough ride. Get digital strategy right, and the rewards are immense; get it wrong, and you could do irreparable damage to the loyalty of your customers, and the future of your business.

This course is business-focused, practical, and empowering. It provides up-to-the-minute insights into the concepts and culture of today’s digital customers and markets. It provides you, step by step, the methodologies and ground rules for success in innovating, strategizing, planning, and implementing the initiatives that will give you a sustainable competitive edge.

Who Should Attend?
Whether you are a senior executive tasked with strategy, an entrepreneur contemplating a start-up, a consultant or agency, or a career marketer in the corporate world, Gambit will get you grounded and inspired. Participants who have found this workshop invaluable include:

  • corporate strategists
  • business leaders and entrepreneurs
  • marketing managers
  • business analysts
  • advertising and marketing services agency personnel
  • digital project managers
  • e-commerce and e-marketing personnel

The course is crafted for non-technical business people as well as those techies who want a commercial competitive digital perspective. South African companies whose participants have given Britefire courses rave reviews include Wesbank, PwC, FNB, MWEB, FinWeek, Exclusive Books, Clicks, Makro, GCIS, Investec, University of Stellenbosch Business School, Random House Struik, The Foschini Group, Distell, Standard Bank, UNISA, Shoprite, SA Tourism, Deloitte, and Media 24.

 What Will You Learn?
You will leave this course with a profound understanding of how digital business, emarketing and their many processes actually work, and with a practical ability to craft and implement your own innovative competitive strategies.

Gambit: The Digital Strategy Course is packed with well-illustrated insights into how issues like long-tail marketing, Google dominance and social-local-mobile integrate with core concepts such as trust and loyalty. The course provides critiques, examples, and lessons learned from businesses who have “got it” – and those who have not.

You will leave equipped with an arsenal of methodologies and best practices, inspiring and enlightening examples, and guidelines for staying ahead of the curve. You will learn:

  • how to identify opportunities for sustainable competitive advantage
  • how to structure an innovative digital business strategy
  • how to overcome corporate culture barriers to strategy implementation
  • how critical digital marketing processes work, and how to use them
  • why digital, mobile and social are vital drivers of your strategy
  • scenarios for the evolution of the digital landscape
  • how to develop an effective integrated emarketing strategy
  • essential best practices of search engine marketing, email marketing, and online advertising & PR
  • how to avoid the hype and focus on high-impact tactics
  • a host of hints, tips, tools and best practices for competitive digital success
  • how to put together and implement your own digital business and emarketing strategy.

You will take away full course documentation as well as a brilliant workbook to guide you through development of your own digital strategy!

 Detailed Digital Strategy Course Contents
The digital landscape — local, global

  • The revolution in customer processes
  • The death of websites and rise of mobile video
  • Global disruption across industries – the end of business as usual
  • Future scenarios for digital
  • Bandwidth and access
  • Africa in context
  • SA e-commerce 2012

Digital strategy, planning & implementation

  • 8 steps to strategic success
  • Strategy models
  • Identifying sustainable opportunities
  • Avoiding the Red Queen
  • Digital blue oceans and value innovation

The Economics of Abundance

  • The long tail
  • Customer-centricity trumps entrenched monopoly
  • Digital myths and techno-hype
  • Digital as the backbone of the new economy

The Elements of Digital Marketing

  • Where traffic should come from
  • Advertising
  • Email
  • Search engines
  • Social media
  • Optimisation
  • Analytics 101

10 Stages of Digital Business Evolution

  • Thriving in chaos
  • Your new core competencies
  • 10 major mistakes in digital marketing
  • What does it cost?

Web 2.0, Marketing 2.0 and Social Media

  • What today’s customers do online
  • The culture of SoLoMo
  • Pure-play social businesses
  • Bricks-n-clicks businesses
  • Customer-centricity and UX

Branding vs. response – best channels for success

  • Integrating digital and traditional
  • Rules of thumb for online advertising
  • Search engine marketing 101
  • 10 biggest SEO mistakes to avoid
  • Email marketing 101
  • Social media 101
  • Why most brands are wasting their time on social
  • Social media and SEO
  • The social media lens

Crafting Your Own Digital Strategy

  • Applying the value grid and 8 step methodology
  • E-marketing on zero budget
  • E-marketing on small budgets
  • Digital Culture: Principles To Live By


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  • Cancellation 7 days prior to course day - Full payment will be due as a cancellation fee
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