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2011: Britefire Newsletters

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April 20, 201: Britefire heads to KZN this May
Britefire are very excited to be heading to Durban this May. We aim to share our E-marketing expertise and insights alongside the Tourism INDABA in three short 1–hour seminars; with local business and marketing professionals at our public courses; and as in-house workshops for companies and corporates. 

July 12, 2011: Britefire gives back
Britefire is delighted to have contributed to our local community by sponsoring the design and creation of the Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch website. Being a corporate citizen is one of the values that we cherish, and we are glad to have been able to apply our skills and talents to give back to our local community.

Nov 10, 2010: The only accredited E-Marketing course of its kind in SA
Britefire, a leading firm in online marketing strategy, development and training are celebrating the accreditation of their E-marketing Professional (EMP) course with a limited pricing offer. People who register for the EMP course before December 10 will be able to save 43 per cent on the usual fee. Accreditation through the Services SETA was achieved through rigorous evaluation of the EMP, proving the very high standard and
excellent quality management principles of Britefire, and assuring attendees of the best and most up-to-date training available.

Nov 9, 2010: Website Usability – The value of User Experience
Next week Karen Parkin, Britefire's director and a leader in online marketing development and practice, will be leading an invaluable course focused on Website Usability and creating compelling User Experience
, This one day workshop to be held on 17 November at the City Lodge in Fourways, Johannesburg, is a must for anyone who makes business or marketing decisions about online initiatives, website conception and design, or has to interact with those who do.

Oct 15, 2010: Retailers don’t need to be E-commerce to gain on Christmas
Britefire, the leading firm on online marketing strategy, development and training has assembled a focused course for all retailers to spread the sales word through Social Media.This course will show you how to...

Oct 14, 2010: Estate agents now grow sales with Social Media
Britefire, a leading firm on online marketing strategy, development and training has assembled a focused course for all Estate Agents, Agencies and Developers to spread the word on properties through Social Media. This course will show you how to...

Apr 15, 2010: Good News (MWEB Uncapped) and Bad News (FNB’s PayPal)
The launches in March of FNB’s PayPal and MWEB’s uncapped service generated a lot of buzz in the industry. But while MWEB’s service is having an important impact, FNB’s PayPal is disappointingly inadequate.

Mar 18, 2010: 10 Steps to massively improve social media marketing effectiveness
In  a session titled "The Social Media Lens" at next week's AdExpo, Britefire's Godfrey Parkin will present a 10 step approach to massively improve the effectiveness of social media marketing. 

Feb 25 2009: Programme in Online Marketing Strategy launched by USB ED and Britefire
The Programme in Online Marketing Strategy will be run by University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development (USB ED) in conjunction with e-marketing strategy firm Britefire. The comprehensive five-day course will take participants to the cutting edge of 21st Century marketing, teaching them how to develop and implement sound e-marketing strategies to form sustainable relationships with the new consumer. It will take place at the USB campus in Bellville on March 16-20, and again in Gauteng on March 23-27.

Sept 16 2008: World-class course in managing Web projects
Britefire’s two-day Web Project Management course, run by an award winning international emarketing project leader, will take place in Fourways, Johannesburg on September 25-26, and in Cape Town on October 6-7.

Aug 14 2008: Learning to lead any internet project to maximum success
Next week, on July 22-23, Britefire’s Web Project Management course, run by an award winning international emarketing project leader, will take place in Fourways, Johannesburg.
Project Managers who can successfully lead internet projects are in great demand, and anyone wishing to improve their skills in this booming career field should not miss this opportunity to benefit from the very latest thinking and experience in the US and UK.

May 05 2008: Award winning international ecommerce project leader to run Web Project Management course in Sandton and Cape TownAn intensive two-day course in Web Project Management has been announced by digital strategy firm Britefire. The course teaches the professional principles and disciplines of Project Management, state-of-the-art methodologies for web development, and the leadership and communication skills essential for success. The course will be led by Karen Parkin, whose international project leadership record includes major enterprise-level web projects for global organisations such as Intel, Marriott International and Lockheed Martin, as well as projects for tactical emarketing campaigns.

 April 14 2008: Emarketing Professional Certificate courses to run in Cape Town next week. Internet marketing firm Britefire will run five one-day courses in Cape Town, from April 21 - 25. Designed for non-technical managers, each course will focus on a different dimension of online marketing: internet marketing strategy; website design; search engine marketing; email marketing; and web advertising & PR.

February 25 2008: Stop managing web projects by the seat of your pants! says Karen Parkin VP of Britefire and passionate advocate for using methodologies and project management.

Britefire is running two intensive 2-day courses in Cape Town and Johannesburg on Web Project Management in March. The course teaches participants how to professionally manage high performance web development projects and is for anyone who is involved in any way in web projects. The course covers the methodologies required in web developments and the project management disciplines that provide the framework for getting things done right.

May 22, 2007: Web Project Management course to be run by South African digital strategy firm Britefire.
Next week digital strategy firm Britefire will run an intensive two-day course that teaches the fundamental principles, tools, and disciplines of managing web projects. The course is run by a project leader with a depth of experience in managing both micro-projects for small businesses and complex large-scale web projects for US organisations such as Intel, Marriott International and Lockheed Martin.

Karen Parkin, Britefire’s Vice President, said “Eight out of ten web projects fail to achieve their objectives, and they all fail before a line of code is written. If you want to get things done, and done right, on time and within budget, there is only one way to do it, and that’s within a project framework.”

The Web Project Management course will be run in Johannesburg on May 28-29 and in Cape Town on June 4-5.

May 16, 2007: Global hotel e-commerce guru to teach e-marketing skills to South African hotels.
Cape Town based digital strategy firm Britefire is rolling out a series of courses to help hotels and tourism operators ramp up their success in online marketing. The courses are being run by Karen Parkin, till recently the project manager at Marriott International behind successful growth in internationalization.

Britefire’s “E-hotelier: The Master Class in Hotel E-marketing” courses are run in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and focus on the essential knowledge and skills for success online: e-marketing strategy, website design, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, online advertising and PR. The courses also teach hoteliers how to use web analytics for tracking and improving the performance of their e-marketing initiatives, and the very latest on “travel 2.0”. A one-day seminar, “Be Brilliant @ Marketing Your B&B Online,” that is specifically developed for small hotels and B&Bs is also being run at various locations around the country.

April 18, 2007: President of Cape Town’s Britefire to judge international Excellence in Learning Awards.
Britefire’s President, Godfrey Parkin, has once again been asked to serve as a judge on the prestigious Excellence in Learning Awards that are presented every year in the US by Brandon Hall. He will be evaluating several corporate training programmes that have been nominated in the categories of Innovation, Custom Content, and Emerging Technology.

The Brandon Hall “Excellence in Learning Awards” is entering its 13th year of recognizing the best in learning content, technology, and initiatives from around the world. The awards are made at the International Conference of the American Society for Training and Development. Past winners have included learning initiatives from IBM, Nike, Cisco Systems, Raytheon, Aetna, GE, Macromedia, and Microsoft.

October 2006:
Presentation to the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) European Conference, Prague
Godfrey Parkin has been invited to speak at the prestigious ISPI Europe Conference in Prague this year. After his sessions on developing a learning evaluation strategy at the Society's International conference in Dallas earlier this year, it was felt that a European audience would benefit from being exposed to what, for most people, is an important innovative approach to the management of performance improvement initiatives.

October 2006: Britefire rolls out a new series of courses and seminars in South Africa
Britefire will be launching a new series of courses and seminars in Cape Town and Johannesburg in October 2006, covering the fields of e-business and e-marketing, corporate learning, Project Management, and sales and executive development. The courses and seminars target different learning needs and different budgets: seminars are brief low-cost events that aim to get participants up to speed as quickly as possible, while the courses are geared toward the development and application of relevant skills.

October 2006: SA Company Sponsors Innovative International Wearable Computing Competition
Britefire, a new digital strategy company, run by recently returned South African veterans of the European and US e-commerce and e-learning industries, is the sponsor of a major international wearable computing competition. The competition takes place every year, and is one of the features of the IEEE International Society for Wearable Computing (ISWC) conference. Teams of engineering students and their professors from leading universities around the world gather at the conference to share notes on bleeding edge developments in their field.

In kicking off the competition, Godfrey Parkin, Britefire’s President, said “Technology is one solution to the dire need for rapid growth in education, training, and entrepreneurial commerce in developing nations. But you cannot use typical modes of e-learning or e-commerce in places where computers and traditional internet access are hard to come by and impossibly expensive.”

May 2006: Britefire Sponsors the 2006 International Wearable Computing Competition, Montreux
Every year, teams from major universities around the globe compete to design practical new approaches to wearable computing. This year Britefire has sponsored the competition, challenging entrants to come up with creative ways to leverage that most ubiquitous of wearable computers, the mobile phone, to provide basic literacy and entrepreneurship training to developing nations.

The competition culminates in October at the IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers, which takes place this year in Montreux, Switzerland. Britefire's Godfrey Parkin will be one of the judges, and will award the prize for the most promising entry.  






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