Britefire Course Testimonials

‘Very informative. Very helpful. Very inspiring. Very business orientated as well as success driven.'
Franco Human, AFDA (Social Media Marketing)

‘I have learned so much, the information is practical, usable and poignant to our industry and will most definitely help me understand the needs we have in e-marketing. Thank you so much for facilitating the course yesterday, it was so informative and so so empowering.We can all make a valuable contribution to our companies by deploying the skills learned.’
Helen Wilson, Makweti Safari Lodge (E-marketing and Social Media)

‘Brilliant - so insightful & necessary for any marketer or business. Easy to understand content & great links that are useful.’
Danica Bloomberg, (Doing Business Digitally)

‘Mainly gave me confidence to go back to office & be more assertive that I know what I am talking about!! Filled in the 'whys' - etc. on my general background & understanding.’
Victoria Short, Springbok Atlas (Search Engine Marketing)

‘This course as the others, were incredibly enlightening and so many new tactics can be applied. A real eye opener, I’d love to do more courses on e-marketing.’
Natasha Bovil, Compuscan (The Website Usability Course)

‘User-friendly content. Excellent explanations, great examples shown. Interesting anecdotes & real life examples.’
Ginny Cawdron (Email Marketing Course)

‘It is definitely a useful course for those unfamiliar with web PM & project management overall. The detail provided will prove very useful for wanting to improve upon implementing a process. Personally, the info provided will go a long way towards my engagement with my team members -to ensure better cohesion.’
N. Noels (Web Project Management)

“Eye opener and extremely informative. Thank you for giving ideas of what we can do, in the companies we're with.”
M. Compton, Multichoice

“Concise and in-depth view of the theoretical and practical applications of the methodologies in an industry that is constantly changing.”
Dawie van der Westhuizen, Shapeshift, Web Production

“Well structured - Concise - Objectives met - Thoroughly presented - Phenomenal industry knowledge - Handy tips”
Jacqui Rees, Trudon, Directory

“Informative and enlightening. Powerful in its simplicity. Godfrey is thorough and very knowledgeable, approachable and flexible.”
Taryn Springhall, Tourism Radio

“I feel like a child at Christmas! So many wonderful tools to implement. Wonderful guidelines and complete structures. I can’t wait to do what I've always done before, but with confidence and knowledge that I have covered every possible aspect of a web project. Truly ecstatic! FAN - TAS - TIC. Rock on Britefire!”
Zani Botes, E-Marketing Professional

“Up to date in terms of hottest trends etc. On top of what is happening. Really NB in industry that moves and changes so quickly.”
Michelle Colyn, In The Net, Service Provider

“So much valuable insight, practical examples. In 1 word - GREAT.”
Patrick Gordon, Duo Marketing, IT Solutions

“One of the most informative & interesting courses I have attended. Brilliantly presented by an extremely knowledgeable and current presenter.”
Ian Coulson

“I found the course very informative. It helped me think about new and exciting ways of marketing online projects and streamlining our processes.”
Rosemary Baronetti, Draft FCB

'Made technological subjects that are generally not that easy to understand very easy to understand. Very informative. Course leader is very knowledgeable.'
Alicia Malan

'Gives you all the relevant tactics, tips and background information to be able to optimise what you are currently doing.'
Amanda Thomas

'It's amazing - we need to grab the technology that's available by the hand & grow with it.'
Agnes Buziba

'Educational, informative, enlightening and added value to our current strategy.'
Tercia Coert

'Lots of valuable info in a compressed form. For anyone who needs to get up to speed this is great.'
Max le Roux

'It is essential to develop e-marketing skills - we all know that it is a maze with directions written differently by every expert. This is presented professionally, expertly, is current and understandable! Thank you!'
Suzette Bouwer

'It enlightens you hugely to the brilliant opportunities present in the digital realm. If any business wants to be at their best and maximise their profit ,they need to tap into the opportunities present online.'
Paul Geddes

'Very Informative. Excellent interaction and lecturer is good at bringing peoples background and field of interest to light and binding it in the discussion.'
Charles du Plessis

'Excellent content. Explained really well. Really helpful demos & online working examples. Patient in answering ... questions.'
Ginny Cawdron

'Although one may be able to find tutorials and facts online, getting taught in a lecture style environment outside of work by a credible teacher makes it very worthwhile. Really helps one see the bigger picture."A thread that connects everything together"'
Steven Miedema

'Cutting edge information to give you a jumpstart. I feel that I got more than I paid for - a terrific amount of information. Exceptionally well presented and very inspiring.'
Tracey Howard

'I have gained some great insights that we can use within our business. It does mean some changes in perceptions internally.'
Gisella Vigliotta

'I do like the way of teaching of Britefire. That makes you understand what you want and what you really need.'
Lina Safi Cbomno

'In the Britefire courses I have attended, I learnt many invaluable things/tips/secrets to give me the extra edge I can now apply at work.'
Natasha Bovill

'I like the fact that all the courses are very interactive.'
Monica Compton

'Godfrey rocks! He is so clued up.'
Clarissa Smith

'Your courses are always relevant and practical. It makes me excited to go out and start doing it!'
Liesel Lund

'One of the best presentations, I have been to, not too much to improve at all. Excellent value!!!'
Shaun Botha

'Current, up to date, we were all able to interact and participate.'
Anneliese Thomas

'I loved Godfrey's friendly informal and professional way of sharing his knowledge with us.  I feel like I can walk away and practically implement what I have learnt.'
Gerlinde Vassen

'Godfrey has such a huge library of knowledge and its great how he shapes its.'
Lynette Moodley

'Quality of content. Presentation. Personal touch and interaction. Exercises. All well put together, interesting and insightful.'
Vicka Petrishko

'Well informed facilitator.  Content is fresh and up-to-date. Exceptionally relevant and informative.  Gave me lots of food for thought.'
Mymoena Mooradd

‘I suddenly can't fathom how it is that companies can thrive without applying at least the basic principles of PM. Invaluable! Thanks so much.' Annelie Fouché (VivaLDI)

‘Brilliant course, very insightful!! I feel very equipped - digitally!’ Laurette Batstone, (Gambit)

‘Good overall description of e-marketing landscapes and tools. Very thorough presentation. The supporting documentation is very impressive and well researched. I'll make sure to keep it handy for future reference.’ Max Guedy, Capsol (Packed)

'Even though colleagues may not use analytics, it's good for the team to understand the power of analytics and reporting to improve performance, not just for interest.' Natasha Bovill, Compuscan (Balance)

'Working with Facebook and Twitter for a while now, I learnt how to add value to thise pages in ways I'd never thought of. The course also introduced me to many apps that will be hugely beneficial.' Sarah Pons, Mind Worx (Hana Hana)


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