Hotel e-Marketing

E-marketing skills for hospitality people.

Our training course demystifies e-marketing and gives you the information, confidence and inspiration you need to succeed.

Your customers are on the web. More than half of all bookings take place online. So, you need to be where your customers are, and have a competitive online presence.

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The web has become the medium of choice for travelers and the travel industry is now emphatically an online marketing industry. You need to ‘fish where the fish are’- and since your customers are online, that’s where you need to be.

The phenomenal growth of the tourism industry online, marked by the increase of online consumers, has been accompanied by a boom in website creation that has intensified the battle for the consumers’ time and attention. Getting travelers and hotel-seekers to find you, and book with you, therefore requires a competitive online presence. This means that you need to create a compelling online guest experience that distinguishes yourself from others. Furthermore, having a hotel website and a few portal listings is simply not enough. You need multiple points of presence on the web and you need to be continuously engaged in the online conversations that can convince potential guests that your establishment really is their best option.

This is e-marketing. And succeeding in it today seems daunting. It’s a constantly changing environment that seems to be driven by technology, and is laden with off-putting jargon. But when you cut through all this, and understand the various components of e-marketing, it is one of the most cost effective ways to reach out to your new and existing guests and engage with them.

The ultimate objective is to drive bookings for your hotel. You will find that doing a great e-marketing job does not require big-company budgets nor is it rocket science! 


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E-Marketing Services
E-Marketing Training for
Hotels and Hospitality Industry

The only internet marketing training program in South Africa that is designed for and run by people from the hospitality industry.

Our training services are world class, up-to-date, loaded with examples, best practices, practical tools and techniques that are comprehensive yet easy to grasp.

Take it from previous attendants' feedback:


I have been on a high with all the information I learnt... all just so apt to what I do and not a second or cent wasted!’ Lindy Rippon, Marketing Director, The Lake Jozini Experience

‘It was fun, very informative and so, so empowering ….’ Helen Wilson, Makweti Safari Lodge 

‘Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the world of E Marketing! Wow! What an amazing world it is too, I can honestly say that you have started me on a journey that in my opinion is going to be tremendous fun and ongoing forever… I will no longer allow myself to be intimidated by all that is out there…I will …build on what is now a far more stable foundation for me.’ Claire Edmeston, Jembisa

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  Become a certified E-Marketing Professional and know that you have the knowledge, skills, and insights to lead in your field!

Web Marketing Services

Our Web Marketing Services include:

  • Website audit and evaluation
  • Search engine optimisation for hotels
  • Creation of blogs and other social networking media
  • Website design (and re-design) and development
  • Internationalisation — reaching out to the global market
  • Vision and digital strategy development specifically to understand and incorporate the internet in future plans
  • Project Management
  • Impartial feasibility studies and evaluation of tools
  • Change Management
  • Board level briefings, and strategy planning facilitation
  • Implementation strategies for content management systems
  • Brand Development


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