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Certify Your Digital Marketing Expertise


Marketing professionalism today demands more than the two dimensional approaches of the 90’s or the inadequate strategies of the website-centric world.

Today's internet is constantly changing our markets, media, branding, and consumer behaviour – online and off. To excel in this environment you need to complement your skills with new dimensions of marketing expertise.

This cutting edge certificate programme will get you up the learning curve and keep you there. Having EMP after your name will differentiate you as a total digital professional – inspired, forward-looking, and fully equipped with the very latest know-how, insights and skills.The EMP is the only SETA accredited digital marketing course, which means it is a  qualification employers and clients take seriously.

What is the Britefire E-Marketing Professional certificate programme?

Join The New Generation of Marketing Professionals


Whether you are an advertiser, publisher, strategist, agency, marketing service provider or developer, Britefire's EMP certificate process is the best way to

  • sharpen your e-marketing vision,
  • pump up your e-marketing skills,
  • and validate your digital professionalism.

If you want to stay ahead of the pack and lead digital marketing initiatives at a level that is the best of the best, this programme is for you.

Who should get the certificate?

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What Is The EMP Certificate?


With a Britefire E-Marketing Professional certificate you know you are a leader in the field, your employers know it, and so do your clients.

The EMP certificate is designed to comprehensively cover all aspects of today’s online environment from a professional marketing perspective:

    • Digital Business Strategy
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Usability
    • Analytics
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Project Management for Leading Digital Initiatives


The curriculum has been developed by digital marketing, business performance improvement and learning expert Godfrey Parkin who has designed successful learning and certification programs around the world.

Find out about the different levels of certification.

Details of the knowledge and skill areas covered.

The future evolution of the certification programme.

How Do You Get Your EMP?


The Britefire EMP certificate is designed to be a professional qualification. Certification is rigorous. It gives you and your organisation serious credibility.

There are three steps to certification:

Step 1. Train: Participate in a series of brilliant training courses loaded with up-to-the-minute real-world examples and run by passionate experts in the field.

Step 2. Test: Confirm your know-how and skills in a qualifying exam.

Step 3. Apply: Demonstrate your abilities on the job and submit your real-world case study for grading.

Learn about the details of certification.


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