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Industry Focused:

6 Tips to getting ahead with Google Analytics   Godfrey Parkin, June 2012 

The Rise of the Sentient Enterprise  Godfrey Parkin, February 2012

Building a Culture of Project Management
 Karen Parkin, February 2012

Tips to Tweak Your Digital Thinking  Godfrey Parkin, February 2012

Are you wasting your time on Facebook? 
Godfrey Parkin, June 2011

Search vs. Social: No Contest  Godfrey Parkin, June 2011

Is Poor Usability Killing Your Business?  Karen Parkin, June 2011

Project Management, an important culture for the 21st Century  Karen Parkin, May 2011

Don't be caught an April Fool -The New Consumer Protection Act & The Protection of Personal Information Bill February 2011

 'Email Marketing for Real Estate Agents', presented  by Godfrey Parkin for Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes. November 2011

Social Media - the Falacy of Friendship

Good News - MWEB Uncapped. Bad News - FNB´s PayPal

Hospitality & Tourism:

Weg! Indaba 2010 Presentation: '10 Tips for Hotel Emarketing'.

Click here to download a copy of Karen Parkin's presentation to Business Tourism Conference August 21, 2010 on The Power of Social Marketing (2.3Mb PDF file) . 

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  Learning Management Systems and E-learning Strategy
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  • Welcome to the 21st Century Learning Arcade
  • Intellectual Property and the Internet
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