Be Brilliant @ Web Analytics and Performance Improvement

Be Brilliant @ Web Analytics and Performance Improvement


Be Brilliant @ Web Analytics and Performance Improvement

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When and Where
Course Duration: 1 day (9:00 - 17:00)

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Fee (Public Course): R2,950 including VAT (includes lunch and refreshments)


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Why Be Brilliant At Web Analytics and Performance Improvement?
E-marketing is about more than simply having a website. It involves a range of tools and activities that leverage the web and the “connectedness” of communities of consumers to build brands or grow businesses. What makes e-marketing particularly powerful is our ability to minutely observe, measure, and track our activities and those of individual customers – which in turn means we can analyse success and continuously fine-tune our strategies and tactics.

To make web analytics work for you, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist, you simply need an understanding of what can be done and how to do it. More importantly, you need a marketing performance evaluation strategy, and a set of simple procedures to

  • identify what performance indicators are really key
  • select, measure and track those key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • report on them in a way that lets you take the right actions.

If you are a serious marketer,
you make smart use of web analytics to get the best performance out of your online presence. That means you need to understand customers and their behaviour better, to continuously improve their user experience, and to build deeper relationships with them.

Not only do you want to ensure an optimal flow of visitors through your site so your conversion rates increase, but you also want to drive more visitors to your site. So you measure the impact of campaigns, test alternatives, and fine-tune them to get the maximum return. And, because e-marketing does not exist in a vacuum, you need to calibrate and report on the value that e-marketing contributes to the business.

Be Brilliant @ Web Analytics will help you
to evaluate and improve your site’s information architecture and navigation, content structure and linking strategy, as well as to optimise your internal site search engine.

It will also show you how to set and improve performance goals, such as conversion rates, stickiness, and cost of sales. And it will teach you how to set up and evaluate simple A/B split tests of alternative marketing creative or site content.

You will discover which critical metrics can help you assess and improve online and offline campaigns, how to track the impact of banner ads, e-mail marketing, pay-per-click, natural search, and alternative online media placement options. You will understand basic e-marketing technologies such as ad-servers and advertising cookies, and you will learn about key online tools that help you test and conduct research.


Why Should You Attend?
In this practical course you will learn the core concepts, tools, methodologies and practices of effective web analytics, as well as a systematic approach to fine-tuning the impact of each touch-point along the customer’s online experience path and through the customer relationship life cycle.

You will learn how to use web metrics to improve customer experiences, boost conversion rates, and increase the cost effectiveness of all your online activities.

You will also learn how to quickly and easily put together reports for senior management that clarify what business impact each component of your e-marketing strategy is having, and highlight adjustments that need to be made.

If you have ever had a problem getting the e-marketing budget you need, a sound web analytics strategy will help quantify what you need to do, why you need to do it, and what the benefit will be. Web analytics can be a powerful tool to drive change inside companies, but often getting buy-in on the need for analytics resources and data-based decision-making processes is a tough sell.

This course provides guidelines for getting the resources you need, selecting the right tools and solutions, designing and selling an analytical e-marketing strategy, and ensuring that information gets used appropriately.

Who Should Attend?
The course is designed to provide core skills and comprehensive knowledge to those wanting a jargon-free professional overview of the tools, approaches, and benefits of web analytics.

Whether you want to create an effective analytical e-marketing strategy for a company, measure the impact of an individual campaign, build measurement and evaluation into all of your online customer touch-points, or just do a better job of online marketing, this course will put you in the driving seat. It gives you the know-how, skills, confidence, and comprehensive web savvy that you need to rise above the pack!

This course is a must for anyone who makes tactical or strategic business or marketing decisions about online initiatives, or has to interact with those who do, including:

  • business strategists
  • marketing managers, product managers
  • marketing analysts
  • advertising and marketing services agency personnel
  • website developers, information architects, and creative personnel
  • e-commerce and e-marketing personnel


What Will You Learn?
You will leave this course not only with a great understanding of how web analytics, analytical e-marketing and their many processes actually work, but also with a practical ability to set up, gather, interpret, and report e-marketing metrics. You will be professionally equipped to make informed analysis-based e-marketing decisions that will improve the business impact of all your online activities.

What is more you will have an arsenal of best practices, inspiring and enlightening examples, and guidelines for staying in tune with developments in the future. You will learn:

  • how critical web analytics processes work
  • how to identify the metrics most relevant to your business objectives
  • how to run pilot evaluations with free or low-cost tools
  • how to get numbers to tell you a story
  • how to identify the most critical points on your site for immediate attention
  • how to use web metrics to better understand customers and customer segments
  • how to define personas and use them to clarify data interpretation, reporting, and decision making
  • how to define processes of continuous improvement for all your online activities
  • how to select resources and tools to use in gathering and using web analytics
  • how to improve the flow of visitors to and through your site
  • how to use metrics to improve your online and offline advertising and e-mail campaigns
  • how to diagnose and eliminate major causes of shopping cart abandonment
  • how to improve your site’s conversion rate
  • how to identify where you are acquiring and losing site visitors, and diagnose problems
  • how to set up and run A/B split tests
  • make a successful business case for building an analytics-based e-marketing strategy
  • and how to put together and execute your own analytical e-marketing strategy.
And you'll be totally psyched to take charge of your own web analytics initiatives!


Detailed Course Contents
Fundamental Web Analytics:

  • Can anyone be a data analyst?
  • Demystifying the jargon
  • How numbers tell a story
  • Crude metrics for basic management
  • How to develop business-relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Identifying click paths and measuring visitor attrition
  • Data collection methods
  • Piloting with free or low-cost tools
    • Google and Yahoo Analytics
    • Set-up and data gathering
    • Analysis and interpretation
  • Search Engine Optimization basics
  • Pay Per Click basics
  • Problems in quantifying relationship marketing
  • Recency Frequency Monetary Value (RFM)
  • Frequency Recency Amount Category (FRAC)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Appropriate tools and diagnostics for different objectives

Analytical Website Management:
  • Understanding behavioural data
  • Designing and refining personas
  • User behaviour modelling
  • Calibrating the conversion funnel
    • Mapping the conversion funnel
    • Who comes from where
    • Landing page effectiveness
    • How do visitors move through
    • What are they looking for
    • Where/why do they drop out
    • Prioritising the problems
    • Testing solutions
    • Making an effective funnel
  • Abandoned shopping carts – why it happens and strategies to minimise it
  • Site search engines and analysis
  • The ten-point site tune up
  • Designing sites for evaluation
  • The imperfect science of data analysis

Analytical Marketing Campaigns:
  • Using the web to measure campaigns
  • Optimising PPC campaigns
  • Increasing the ROI from online and offline campaigns
  • Improving results from banner ads
  • Measuring results from Word Of Mouth (WOM) and buzz marketing
  • What’s Net Advocacy anyway?
  • Fine tuning every phase of e-mail marketing campaigns

Analytical Marketing Culture:
  • Organisational impacts of analytical marketing
  • Resources required
  • Getting stakeholder buy-in
  • Creating and communicating an analytical e-marketing strategy

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Course Leader
The course is lead by Godfrey Parkin, a fifteen-year veteran of the European and US e-marketing industries. He ran the global business services operation of market research giant A.C. Nielsen for many years before that, and has taught analytical marketing and data interpretation to hundreds of FMCG consultants, brand and marketing executives and ad agency personnel in more than three dozen countries.

He has run several successful e-businesses, authored the popular e-book Web Savvy, and created North America's best-selling enterprise-wide e-learning series E-biz Insights.

Godfrey is an active participant in the International Society for Performance Improvement, and has for many years actively managed several online social networks, including being the moderator of the E-learning Forum of the American Society for Training and Development. He speaks at conferences around the world, and contributes to several journals, newsgroups and leading-edge blogs. He has advised many organisations ranging from giants like American Express, GM, Nestlé, Cisco Systems and the Georgia Institute of Technology, to large consulting firms and small start-ups. More about Godfrey

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