At Britefire we create digital marketing strategies, and help you implement them by providing project management, development services, training and facilitation. 

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We provide strategy consulting, digital marketing services and executive training and development in all key dimensions of digital business.

Our expertise derives from decades of internet and marketing experience across five continents, but our focus is simple: we understand online consumers, and we create innovative marketing approaches to form profitable sustainable relationships with them.

Having Britefire on your team gives you an unfair competitive advantage!

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Become a certified E-Marketing Professional!
And know that you have the knowledge, skills, and insights to lead in your field!

E-Marketing Professional Certificate - ignite your digital career! Find out more about the EMP Certificate.

Register today for the EMP or its individual component courses:

Gambit:The Digital Strategy Course - get your business aligned to the digital behaviour of your customers!

Hana Hana:The Social Media Marketing Strategy Course - start implementing the best practices that make social media work for you!

ProFound:The Search Engine Marketing Course - get your SEO and pay per click ads delivering visitors and business!

Finesse:The Usability and UX Course - give your customers an online experience that gains you a huge competitive advantage!

Balance:The Analytics Course - amp up the performance of all your digital activities by measuring the right things in the right way!

VivaLDI: the Project Management Course in Leading Digital Initiatives. Gain the skills and polish the methodologies that bring digital projects in on budget, on schedule and to specified requirements!

See the full schedule of courses.

Social Media Boot Camp



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spacerDoing Business Digitally, a book by Britefire's Godfrey Parkin
About the Doing Business Digitally course, Gambit.

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Digital Marketing, a book by Godfrey Parkin